Pulchra Mare Strategy Statement

Pulchra Mare wishes to achieve its mission through an ethical and high integrity based approach to a strategy based on three pillars. The three pillars consist of; -

1. Safety, Security & Protection first at all times in terms of passengers, crew, cargo, client assets and the environment.
2. Provide the best quality service levels at all times for the client and stakeholders.
3. Operational Excellence at all times to ensure that the client receives Value for Money for the services provided while obtaining for the client the most cost effective & efficient results at or above the client’s expectations.

In summary Pulchra Mare is committed to providing the best possible client satisfaction experience through the pillars of “Safety, Service & Operational Excellence” at all times.

The three pillars strategy will be achieved by working closely with the client to create a “personalised & tailored client satisfaction experience based upon agreed long term objectives with clear goals & milestones”.