Purchasing Management

Pulchra Mare employs a dedicated team in its Koper office to deal with all aspects of the procurement process for clients.

Pulchra Mare offers a fully transparent “Order to Cash” service i.e. the team will deal with all areas of ordering for the vessel and shore service through to quotes, identification of the best suppliers, delivery of goods/services to the vessel(s), administration of supplier invoices through to settlement of the supplier invoices based upon funding arrangements agreed with the client.

Examples of services provided by our Purchasing Management function include:

- Order to Cash (as noted above).
- Maintenance of a Suppliers database.
- Management of Supplier relationships on behalf of the Client.
- Arrangement and management of Port agents based on the vessel’s trading area.
- Reconciling and managing Owner’s deductions through Charter relations.
- Supplier purchasing analysis & reporting.
- Purchasing & Inventory control ashore.
- Day to day liaison with the vessels for ordering & delivery of goods.
- Bunkering management & control.
- Cash to Master operation & management.
- Insurance procurement & Claims handling.
- Risk management.