Technical (Operational) Management

Pulchra Mare is committed to being the best provider of technical & operational shipping management in its target markets.

Pulchra Mare employ staff with the relevant technical expertise using the most efficient, effective and modern operating systems based on latest technologies for both shore and ship based operations.

Examples of services provided by our Technical Management function include:

- Dedicated and reliable technical support provided 24/7.
- Technical Supervision
- Vessel Inspection Reports
- Vessel Performance Monitoring
- Technical assessment & review of target vessels for acquisition
- Pre Dry-dock planning & budgeting
- Dry-dock management/supervision & cost management
- Afloat & Alongside Repairs
- Budgetary & Financial Control
- Supplying Technical Advice to Owners
- Planning for and attending as required Flag, PSC or Class visits to the vessel(s).
- Fuel Oil Testing & Lube Oil Sampling
- Management of bunkering
- Ship ordering technical assistance aboard
- Purchasing & Inventory control aboard